Optical, Medical Electronics Assembly Service


Electronics Sourcing

We specialize in the sourcing of Flex PCB, Metal-based PCB and FR4 PCB materials and components.

Supply Management

Through our vast supply chain network, we can provide you with plastic injection and die- casting, cable assembly, wire harnesses, optical injection, lens glass polishing, anodizing, and machining.


We design and produce customizable testing and production fixtures that ensure our product rejection rate remains at less than 1% which is our standard rate.

Lab support

We also perform EMC, FCC, ESD and IP65 testing services that ensure your manufactured products are reliable and built to last.

In house processes

Clean Room SMT line

Clean room assembly

Fingerprint Test

RF Test

In house CNC

PCB Router

Package Sealing

Video Measuring

Viberation Machine

Injection Machine

Oven / Curing chamber / Temperture & Moisture Chamber

Automatic Optical Inspection Machine

Laser Etching Machine

Customiezd fixture

Fixtures can be based on any system, intergrating any required instrument, saving any needed data.

Conveyor Package Line

In-House Automated Production Systems

Automatic Soldering Line

In Gitel, we developed a automatic soldering line for massive DIP soldering products.

Automatic Glass Cleaning

In Gitel, we developed automatic glass cleaning machine to keep the optical glass clean as possible.